We want students to have a love of art and creativity that translates to every facet of their life. Throughout the ages, art has been used as a tool to exemplify His creation. God was the first creator artist, and we are called to a relationship with Him. We learn through studying His handiwork and the beauty within it, by using our intellect to create a masterpiece that celebrates His creation. We can see specifically throughout history that art was a celebration of the world God gave us. Art is a physical representation of God’s innovation and is meant to be a way to glorify our creator.

Our goal in the Fine Arts department at Praise Academy is to help students realize their inner artist. Whether that is through art or music, we hope to push their mental boundaries and enable them to realize their full potential as creative thinkers.

During the year in art classes, students will learn, discuss, and execute the elements and principles of art. This will be accomplished through study of famous artists and completion of challenging projects that stretch their creativity in pursuit of excellence. We will use various types of media, including but not limited to pencils, charcoal, paint, textiles, mixed media, and oil pastels. Students will also have the opportunity to display their art for the school in a Spring Art Show.

In music classes throughout the year, students will sing praises to God through a variety of songs and musical styles. Students will also have the opportunity to create music using many different instruments, such as handbells and handchimes. K3-K5 students perform in a patriotic themed chapel around Veteran’s Day. 1st-4th graders perform in the Christmas program every year. In the spring, students will experience Black History month through exploration of the music developed during and immediately following the Civil War. Students will learn how this music shaped musical styles for generations to come. Students will also learn about different major classical composers and their contributions to music. Students 7th grade and up also have the opportunity to compete in several Fine Arts events throughout the school year.