• Students may bring their lunch from home (brown bag style)
  • There will be two microwaves that students in grades 5-12 can use; however, they must warm up their own food. No faculty or staff will be assisting them. Our recommendation is to put warm items in a thermos. Time is limited for lunch and students may not have enough time to use microwaves.
  • No refrigeration or warming for faculty, staff, or students.

Meal Cost:

  • Kindergarten through 5th Grade $4.00 and include a daily entrée, salad, or wrap options, with a selection of side items and a beverage.
  • Middle and High School lunches will cost $5.00. Daily selections will include hot entrées, salads or wraps, as well as choice of side items and a beverage. Additional A la Carte items will be available for purchase.
  • K5 through 5th grades ... Lunch: 11:10-11:40 ... Snack: 1:40-2:00
  • 6th through 8th grades ... Lunch: 12:55-1:25
  • 9th through 12th grades ... Lunch: 11:55-12:25

Limited items will be available at break.

Parents please go to www.schoolpaymentportal.com to set up your online lunch account. Choose create an account or you can choose parent login if you had set up an account in the past. Use the school zip code 30127 and select Praise Academy. Then add your students (you may have to use first and middle name in the first name field). To add money online choose make cafeteria deposit and follow the prompts. All credit/debit card or ACH payments must be paid online. You may add cash to your account by coming into the cafeteria or sending it in with your student. Students may also pay cash in the lunch line. Please do not go to the school office or use Renweb for lunch payments. Also, do not include lunch money with tuition payments or payments made to other areas of the school. Lunch accounts are to be prepaid so please keep your accounts current. You can choose view transactions in the payment portal to see what and when items are being purchased on your account. Please contact Shelly Ford s.ford@praiseacademy.com or 678-223-8293 with any questions or concerns about the lunch accounts or menus.