Praise Academy: Planning for our Future

Ways to Give

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The Lion Fund

The Lion Fund is Praise Christian Academy’s top giving priority because it provides for every aspect of the Praise Academy experience. This yearly initiative is vital to our financial well-being, making excellence possible across all programs, providing tuition assistance for deserving students, and helping address our School’s most pressing needs. Gifts to The Lion Fund are generally unrestricted and used when and where Praise needs them the most. Through their support of The Lion Fund at any level, donors demonstrate their belief in and dedication to our vision of inspiring our students to learn with excellence, love Christ above all, and living lives that impact this world for Christ.

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Planned and Endowment Giving

The Praise Academy Endowment is committed to supporting the School’s mission through fiduciary care of donated assets and financial support. Endowed funds offer perpetual financial support through careful investment management, strengthening Praise Christian Academy today while ensuring the promise of tomorrow.

Through outright gifts or bequests to Praise Academy, donors are able to create a permanent legacy of support for the School. Income from a growing endowment supports the operating budget while reducing the need for large tuition increases.

If you are interested in supporting Praise Christian Academy through the endowment or a bequest, please contact Daniel Youngblood, Head of School, at

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GOAL Scholarship Program

The Georgia Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit allows Georgia taxpayers to direct their tax dollars to designated independent schools, playing a vital role in improving educational opportunities for K-12 students. The schools, in turn, utilize these funds to enroll deserving students, regardless of their family’s ability to pay full tuition. Each year, this program, combined with support from the Praise Academy Endowment and The Lion Fund, plays a critical role in our financial aid program.

Praise Academy partners with Georgia GOAL, the state's leading Student Scholarship Organization (SSO). GOAL works with over 150 independent schools throughout Georgia and has awarded scholarships to nearly 20,000 deserving students since the program's inception in 2008. Praise Academy students receive financial assistance through GOAL each school year.